Matt Bell Jr.
Project Details:
Dimensions: 20x20
Price: Sold

Pencil and Watercolor

After Matt Jr.’s passing, I wanted to show my support to Matt Sr. by doing a painting.  I started and couldn’t get past how anything could possibly help. So I discontinued the original painting. I decided the day before Matt Sr.’s birthday to take him to a psychic.  I thought it couldn’t hurt and maybe it would help.  The psychic told Matt how his son was always present and that there are signs everywhere to remind him.  She went on to say that a blue jay would appear to let him know he was with him and always watching—so he would never feel alone.  After the reading I thought for a long time about all the things she had said…. was there truth in this?  Was this someone trying to give someone false hope?  People believe what they like and I too took what I thought was the best out of it.  Everyone who is touched by Matt Jr.’s love would always have blue jays around them.  You can’t get rid of knowing someone and smiling about being around them so the blue jay would be my way of saying, “ever present.”  For the cynics, the blue jay has a lot of fine attributes that correlate to Matt Jr.  Being fearless, resonating truth, faithfulness, and solidarity in part.  Blue jays are curious, and deal with clarity of higher thought.  Matt Jr.’s favorite color was blue and always present, this painting will take you to a place where he is watching you and will be present always.

-Christine Brasch